Finding Respite

October 10, 2021 at 5:22 pm | 3 years ago

Despite overwhelming experiences we’ve all had these past twenty months, I harnessed energy from cherished loved-ones and found creative inspiration through music, imagination, and entertainment. Some of that energy resulted in the development of this website! In fact, were it not for considerable support from the Minnesota State Arts Board in cooperation with the Clean Water Land & Legacy Amendment, my debut novel and this website might not have seen the light of day. I’m profoundly grateful for the financial resources they, along with the McKnight Foundation and Metro Regional Arts Council, make available to fledgling artists (like me) who vulnerably dare to make a living being creative.

My primary respite is, and has always been, taking time alone to digest life and further explore the stories forming in my mind. A quick scan of my personal spaces, would give you a good idea of what it looks like in my head nowadays. With Ajha’s Web: Flesh and Bone (a working title for the second volume of my book series) still in its developmental phase there are notes scattered on my bedside dresser, ideas scrawled in various notebooks, thoughts recorded voice-to-text, half-written scenes I’ve emailed to myself, and multiple chapters saved on my laptop. Yes, my creative process is haphazard. But there’s progress within it, so it feels good. Eventually all those pieces come together in a very satisfying way.

Creating stories is my way of confronting complex issues between us humans. It’s where I explore options and find peace despite our differences or lack of resolution. Sharing those stories is how I connect with a community beyond my inner circle. It helps me maintain sanity, a sense of humanity, and humor in a severe world that too often feels lacking.

How do you find respite?

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