My Real Life

November 3, 2022 at 10:58 am | 2 years ago

Glazed in sweat from an early boxing workout, I toss device chargers into my partially packed suitcase and sigh. Heavily. Tomorrow is the start of a three-day writing retreat, which couldn’t have come at a better time considering I paused writing the Ajha’s Web sequel to focus on planning, developing, and presenting a staged reading to promote my book series. October’s schedule was full of production meetings, marketing tasks, rehearsals, and events like being an exhibiting author at the Twin Cities Book Festival and a guest at the Minnesota Black Author Expo reception dinner.

It’s the busiest I’ve ever been as an independent author.

In the past when life got demanding, I’d remove myself from everything nonessential until whatever task at hand was completed. This time I maintained my work schedule at the day job, continued working out regularly, got enough sleep (most of the time), and even made time for some parties and socializing! I did pause writing for a month, but I was exhausting my creative energy on other aspects of my writing career. Yes, I said career. After a ten-year steep and steady climb, writing is starting to look and feel like a serious career. As I review my packing list in anticipation of getting back to “real life,” a smile creeps across my face. This fusion of writing, developing ways to artfully promote my work, following through on creative and business goals, and forging my place in the arts community–all while maintaining my day job, health, and personal relationships is my real life. It’s new and challenging, but exciting!

I dreamed it. Worked for it. And it’s happening.

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