Novel in-progress

September 15, 2021 at 7:03 pm | 2 years ago

IT’S ALL COMING BACK! Months after we left them, the Martinez family has healed. But old wounds rupture and Ajha confronts dilemmas too heavy to bear. This time everyone may be dragged to a point of no redemption.

Ajha’s Web: Flesh and Bones is volume two of the series. It’s a working title, so it could change once the manuscript is finished. But since it captures my love of wordplay and subtle hints, it might make the cut. This story introduces new plot-twisting characters, deeper issues, and plenty of surprises. As I progress toward my 2022 completion date, I’ll share snippets in this journal–and even more with book club members!

The image depicted is of American actress, Logan Browning. I don’t own the rights to the picture but it’s fun to share because when I stumbled upon it, I was struck by how closely she resembles how I imagine my American/Haitian-Dominican main character, Ajha (Martinez) Attwood.

On Pinterest, I collect and share many images that illustrate my characters and scenes. Click the icon at the bottom of any page to see what else I envision!

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